Funky Poppy – A Winning Name

What an exciting moment for Button-Flies, last week we had the privilege of winning a beautiful necklace from the talented Lizzy at Funky Poppy in Plymouth.

Lizzy names her necklaces after friends and was looking for a name for her newest creation. As I am button obsessed mummy, I submitted my newest edition ‘Ophelia Rose’ name for the competition and we WON.

I was so excited!

My grandma even went and bought one knowing it was named after her great-granddaughter.

So that of course meant I needed to take a visit to Funky Poppy (oh no a shop full of buttons….) and say thank you in person with Ophelia, and of course take some pictures of Lizzy’s beautiful shop.


Lizzy creates all sorts of wonderful pieces with buttons, including necklaces, earrings and rings.

While I was in the shop she had a regular customer come in with an outfit and asked Lizzy to create a piece to match; this is an amazing personal service and I am looking through my wardrobe now to find an outfit that needs ‘buttoning up’.





Lizzy also creates the most beautiful button bouquets for you and your bridesmaids. These can be built to match and compliment your colour scheme and are an amazing keepsake after your special day.


I could look at the thousands of unique buttons Lizzy stocks to personalise any clothing or to build your personal jewellery.

The pictures say it all!



The Wedding Hub – Review


the wedding hub

It is in the name, this beautiful shop run by the talented Danielle Donnelly of Faithful Designs, is the quirky shaped, magpies nest out of your wedding dreams.

The collection of wedding details that are showcased there are truly beautiful, unique and elegant.

I spent the morning with Danni chatting about all of the ideas she has for her stationary business, the shop and future ventures; this lady is EXCITED about life and the possibilities.


The shop is decorated with vintage furniture, revamped to compliment the branding of the business. The cut in half tables used as shelving is genius and truly in Danni style AWESOME.


She has sought out designers and creatives who can provide brides with personal details you will not find on the high street and she continues to seek out and bring new wedding blood to Devon.


A chalk board cakes by Edible Essence stands proudly in the window on a vintage rose covered swing, jars of buttons and accessories aline the walls and  there are trinkets and treasures galore and the most amazing hand painted cake toppers from Lotty Lollipop …need I say more? This is the stuff of daydreams.




Alright so I may have a soft spot for this place but I am in genuine awe of Danni and her ability to dream up and find the most incredible designs and decorations for her businesses and shop, this woman knows her stuff and has built for us a little girls dressing room with the class for the reluctant lady in us all.

If fairies do not reside here I will be surprised.

Go and visit, you will not be disappointed!


Event of the year – The Bespoke Bride Guide



Wedding fairs, the daunting events where you walk around not making eye contact and have your head phones on faking a phone call or listening to anything to drown out the calls from scary vendors. Well that was my experience of them anyway, out of 5 weddings fairs I went to I only enjoyed one (where I actually met my amazing florist for my day).

However the weekend before last literally changed my view on them completely, when I decided to pop along to Devonport Guildhall to see the vendors at The Bespoke Bride Guide organised by the beautiful twin duo Sophie and Laura.


These beautiful ladies decided to start their own wedding directory after spending huge amounts of time trawling through the internet trying to find unique vendors when planning their own weddings.

They have linked arms with some incredible designers and crafts professionals, to help brides to find something personal and unique for their special day. All coming together in a beautiful unique wedding ceremony venue they created a truly wonderful experience.

Come on Louise, I hear you say, tell us about these AWESOME people. Well I am biased of course because some good friends of mine were attending the fair, however from attending, EVERY single vendor there were not only amazing at what they do, but actually really WONDERFUL people too; people you would want to be a part of your special day, people who can add those final touches that you have envisaged in your ‘dream wedding’ plan.

First impressions are so important and walking up the road that leads to Devonport Guildhall, with the blue sky and sun shining warming the buildings Roman style architecture, it was a great view; a great view added to by the welcoming I received from Cybels Vintage Hire wedding caravan. You can hire this quirky caravan, kitted out for afternoon tea with vintage china and a perfect venue for a wedding photo booth. Photo booths have become very popular at wedding receptions, it allows the guests to have the fun of dressing up and creating some amazing memories.


Zoe-Ann and Amanda, the lovely ladies behind the business provide an amazing hire service that can complete the theme of your day. They offer hire of teacups and saucers, tablecloths, bunting and even some vintage wooden games. Zoe-ann has been passionate about collecting vintage items since she was young and I was very excited to know we share a love of old books.



Climbing the steps to the fair, I was passed by lots of smiling young ladies with partners, mums and friends alike. I am a sucker for a smile, so I was drawn like a magpie to jewellery straight into the fair to meet the lovely Sophie and Laura for the first time.

They greeted all of their guests personally, which displayed the passion they have for what they are doing and the service they are providing. We all know I love a good chin wag so I felt at home.

All of their guest brides received a goody bag and a chip for a free drink as well.

The first vendor I saw was a good friend of mine Danielle Donnelly who is an award winning stationary designer and owner of the newly open Wedding Hub. Danielle was sharing some of the incredible creations from the beautiful designers who display in her shop.

The key thing that strikes me about Danielle’s businesses is her eye for beautiful creations and uniqueness. Not only are her stationary designs beautiful she stocks equally BEAUTIFUL items such as material flower bouquets, INCREDIBLE cakes and STUNNING jewellery. All bespoke, meaning you are not likely to have a guest wearing the same as you on your big day.

Danielle is one of the most confident and focused business women I have had the chance to meet and on speaking to her I am very excited for the future of her business ventures.


Another lovely, incredibly savvy business woman and creative was next for me to see. Claire Thomas of La Beau nail studio. Claire and all the ladies at La Beau are amazingly talented and on the day of the event were even offering free manicures and pimms. These ladies KNOW how to make you feel special. The ever expanding business has been growing and growing since it opened in 2008 and has welcomed celebrity clients on their visits to the area.




‘The salon is known for its friendly atmosphere and welcoming tranquility, as well as its host of refreshing, reviving treatments’

I had my nails pampered at La Beau for my own wedding in 2013 and I would highly recommend you visit these lovely ladies with your bridesmaids and mums. It is a beautiful studio with an amazing atmosphere.


As I was eyeing up the Pimms at the La Beau stand I was surrounded by the most beautiful ‘rustic’ styled display from Green & Pip. I was enchanted by the rural feel of Pip’s designs, each bouquet and table decoration had an elegant wild crafted feel about it. I could imagine many a bride loving the simplicity and elegance for their special day. I didn’t get to chat much to Pip because prospected couples flocked to her original display; evidence that what Green & Pip offer is right on the mark.

From rustic and rural to pretty and pink. Hannah Burnett floristry was displaying a collection of very feminine wedding flowers. Hannah and I met on a wedding in April, where she styled the ceremony room with beautiful hanging jars of ‘hand picked’ flowers.


I may have scared Hannah off her seat with my approach to her table as she was very focused on a task, however she continued to greet me with a smile. What I love about Hannah’s business is not only are her flowers eye catching and beautiful, she continues this style through her business stationary and website.


Now I am a stationary geek so when I see any invitations, name cards or table plans I go walk at the knees. Knots & Kisses, owned by the beautiful and eccentric Nikki (who has a love for the same films as me, yes I talk about everything. Being nosey is my job) was a delight to talk to and was helped on the day by her hubby, who was showing proposed clients the beautiful designs Nikki creates.


It was an absolute pleasure to speak to such a lovely industry professional, it always makes my day to know that brides are getting amazing, friendly and special service.

What I also love about Knots & Kisses is that as a business it thrives to meet a very high standard, ‘you are only as good as your last wedding’ was the discussion I had with Nikki.

I am looking forward to the rebranding that is currently underway, to see what Nikki will do next.


Are you enjoying this? I know I am, we have already had some amazing professionals with a huge variety of skills but also huge personalities. I would love to hang out for coffee and cake with these people.

The overall feeling from Sophie and Laura’s event was that of uniqueness and that ‘something special’. For me nothing could have been more true to this than the services of The Guide of Cornish Celebrants, who provide bespoke wedding ceremonies in any location and style. Talking to the founders Nicola and Denise time flew, I could have conversed with these passionate and dynamic ladies for hours.

Nicola and Denise have a wonderful vision of providing unique and truly special ceremonies, they have a true love and dedication to people and it shines through when you meet them. I was so interested in what they do that I am actually writing an article dedicated to them soon, so for now I will leave the full details (if you are an eager beaver then please visit their website).



Speaking of cake…

The Little Lark Cake Company where showcasing some incredible designs, including a ‘chalk board’ style cake finished off with some delicate and beautiful hand crafted icing flowers.

Each cake that was on display showed just how varied you can be and how you really can add your own personality, even to the cake. These were no Victoria sponge (though that is my favourite cake as my grandma well knows).


From sugar bouquets to broaches. The last vendor I had the privilege to speak to was the owner of Flourish, who’s stand was not to disappoint any magpie’s eye.

The team are just about to open a physical shop in Hooe, allowing them to display more of their incredible broach bouquets for you to see as well as their flower arrangements. There will be a VIP opening event, so do keep an eye out for that.



At this point in the fair I had actually stayed for nearly 2 hours and I had to leave before I was able to have a huge conversation with Flourish or the remaining vendors who attended. I met a wonderful photographer, Meg’s photos, who not only had a great visual display, she did attempt to kill me with her lazer vision when I told her I was a photographer too. Ironically I spent so much time chatting to Meg I didn’t focus on getting any shots of her display (sorry Meg).



What I want to say to you all, if I did not get a chance to see your display or speak at length with you, I can only apologise but I can not take the blame for every one of you being so awesome and friendly that I got lost in the world of unique weddings.

It took me so much longer to write this post, due to the volume of awesome pictures I was able to capture and the vast amount of wonderful, positive and inspiring experiences at the event.

I LOVE weddings and anything to do with them, but I will admit that Sophie and Laura’s event have made me rekindle with the WHY!

Go and check out the guide NOW!


Why I love Wedding Photography!




When I decided to become more focused on being a full time mum, it didn’t just mean leaving my full time employment. It also meant having to review my plans to work on more photography commissions; my plan was to leave work and to become a full time photographer instead, but I realised that this would be the same in terms of time spent with Ollie. I sat and looked at which of the areas of photography I enjoyed the most and which was financially and creatively beneficial to me.

Since starting my business in 2007, I had worked on fashion editorials, beauty shoots, events, portraits and weddings.

In all of those, my strongest passion came to fashion and weddings and as I was living in the South West, the wedding option was looking to be the best option to take.

I decided to team up with my father-in-law Scott Rothney who was looking for a second shooter at some weddings he was doing, after doing just 2 with him in 2012 (whilst 12 weeks pregnant with Ollie) I realised this was THE option I wanted to take.

This year Scott and I have worked on some wonderful weddings, that have boosted my passion further and increased my portfolio to a new level. We have found a complimentary style, which I thought may be difficult with two photographers from very different photographic backgrounds.

I have been reviewing all of the weddings from this year and I have displayed some here for you to see; in reviewing them, with a smile on my face I thought it would be interesting to look at what it was about being a wedding photographer that has kept my hand in.




The Day!

1. Getting ready – One of my favourite parts of the day is being with the bride and her bridal party getting ready for the day. It has always been and always will be an honour to be a part of this special time. My fun memories when working with the bride in the morning have been:

  • Helping with corsets and buttons
  • Playing and entertaining little ones
  • Doing up shoes and jewellery
  • Shooting all of the excitement of course
  • Helping a bride go to the loo in her dress! This has to be my favourite of all.

The getting ready part of the day is where I build the rapport with the family which helps me capture their personalities and emotions more naturally because we are almost distant friends by this time.

2. The Ceremony – The ceremony is a wonderful part of the day and of course the main reason everyone is there. It is exciting to see the love between a couple and the family there to support them. It is a beautiful celebration full of laughter and happy tears. For me it is a very private moment that as a photographer we should feel privileged to be a part of. It is key for me that this part of the day is where I am ‘invisible’ but capturing all of the key moments of emotion.

My memorable moments from the ceremony are:

  • A comical vicar
  • Wonderfully emotional readings from guests
  • A bride and groom dancing to a disney song leaving the church
  • The tears of joy from mums

3 – The group shots/posed photos – Once the ceremony is over, this part of the day is where we as photographers must really jump into action and we become more visible and more involved. I love having the banter with the family and also with Scott, which makes the whole experience fun and relaxed. This is also where we get to ask the couple to do some interesting poses to reflect their personalities.

Group shot memories:

  • Controlling a group of 160 people from an 8 foot wall
  • Photographing pet dogs as part of the day
  • Balancing a bridal party on a table

4 – The exit – Leaving the day is one of my favourite parts (no not because I want to get home) because it is where you know you have done your job and done it well. I love hearing that they have enjoyed you being with them on their special day and it is a great feeling when they say thank you.




Following the Day!

Following the day I very much enjoy the edit of a wedding, I like to remember all of the funny banter between a couple, the guests and also us. It reminds me why I decided to keep wedding photography in my life. It reminds me that love is still alive and such a treasure in the world.

Once the couple receive their images it is always lovely to read/see their responses. It makes me proud to use my skill to capture on of the most important day in a couples life together.

I thought on writing this post that I would find a few select points that I love about wedding photography but as I worked through it I realised I loved it all. I know why my work improves, because my passion gets bigger each time. I have over the years met a number of photographers who didn’t feel wedding photography was for them and to them thank you, because I get to work on them more!

I want to say a huge thank you to all of the bride and grooms of this year, those still to come and those who have eagerly booked us for next year. You are why I do this!

Much Love






(I work exclusively with Scott Rothney Photography, for availability and prices please visit

Christmas Present Review 1 – Scrapbooking


One of my all time favourite things to do, as your know, is keeping journals and scrapbooks. It is not always a sustainable way to keep your memories as things can get lost or damaged when being stored/read or transported anywhere. I have been doing some research on the best way to display our wedding memories and I was going to work on my original style and make a ‘stick in scrapbook’ However as if the universe had heard me (which I know it did) a video popped up on Facebook one day about Project Life the most stylish way of memory keeping I have seen to date.

I really wanted to buy a kit to use it for our wedding memories but my husband talked me out of it, little did I know that this was because my lovely mother-in-law was informed of my new interest and had bought me some of the kit to start me off.

In the images above you can see that I have started to explore the best way to display certain things and ways in which I could use Project Life to represent my style.

One of the great things about this memory keeping tool is that you can personalise it and use a style that suits a specific project or just the style of you or the person you are creating this for (this would make a perfect keepsake gift for anyone).

What do you need?

  • A folder (around £30.00)
  • Plastic display wallets (you can buy these in packs of 12 or a bulk box of 60 for £29.99)
  • A kit of cards (depending on size prices range between £10-£20)
  • Your memories and photographs
  • Time and Imagination

The great thing about this way of scrap booking is that you do not have to worry about making a mistake or adding things in at a later date ( I am always one for modification) and you can play around with the layouts and designs until you find the perfect look for you.

I am very excited to start this memory book of our wedding, it has finally shown me a way to display the 700 images we have. Time to get the order in.

I hope you found this helpful?

How do you keep your memories?


Unique Wedding Gift Idea – Sushi School


Have you ever been stuck for a wedding present? Are you sick of buying people photo frames? (My mum got 12 when she got married). Well my new sister-in-law bought myself and hubby an awesome present. She paid for us to go to Sushi School at Yo Sushi in Plymouth.

This is a great present, we were treated to a glass of champagne (Dan had both) and 3 hours of great food and were taught so much. We were talked through fish preparation and the delicate task of skinning and cutting up a salmon; like with cuts of meat different parts of the fish are used for different dishes, it is an art.

We watched the head chef/manager create and explain 7 dishes (which we ate all and took extra home) and we created a maki dish under supervision, ourselves (mine were the best tee hee). We took lots of notes, he gave us advice on the best ways to use the tools and do’s and don’ts. I don’t want to give the experience away but the most valuable piece of advice we were given was to wash your rice (until the water runs clear) before you cook it this is why preparing any rice is a very hard task.

It was a fantastic experience and very thoughtful as Dan has the dream of travelling to Japan. If you fancy buying this for a friend/couple I would highly recommend it.

 I always enjoy something unique.

Better get myself some lunch now as telling you about this has made me hungry.


My other creative passion – Journals and Sketchbooks

WeddingJournal1 WeddingJournal2

I love a good sort out and this morning I decided to tackle the wedding boxes. I didn’t get very far because I just kept looking at all the beautiful decorations and memories from the day. I also found my wedding journal which I thought  you might like to see.

I am a very big sketchbook/journal fan. It helps me to build my visions and collection pretty things. My biggest love is to add extra pages and tabs for each section so that I can navigate it easily.

I feel that this journal captures the feeling and visual aesthetic that myself and Dan wanted for our day and helped me keep all of the important details organised.

With a slightly sad face, it is time to put this beautiful book into storage, but I am only slightly sad because now I get to start on my journal’s recording Ollie and his journey.


Wedding Picture Teaser

Well, our big day was over a month ago now and I am sure if you are married you will agree it does go so fast. We received our wedding images only a week after the big day but we have still not been able to do anything with them as we do not know where to start. We have such a large amount of great pictures that it would be impossible to have them all printed, unless we decided to wallpaper our front room with them (hmmmmmmmmm thats an idea). So as we decide and lots of friends and family ask I thought I would do a little teaser of some of the best shots from the day.

Wedding Teaser




I am sure you can see from these teasers just why we are finding it hard to choose what to do with our beautiful photographs. A huge thank you to Monika Fischbein and Balazs Turos for the wonderful job you did of capturing our day.


A title; for a reason, a love and a passion!


You may have been wondering how I chose my blog name, I thought this evening I would share that with you.

Good evening, my name is Louise and I have a button fetish’ phew…. there I said it.

So now you all know the truth, I can share exactly why my blog is name Buttonflies.

I knew the name had to have buttons in there somewhere, I have a serious button fetish and I love buttons in all shapes and sizes. I have jars of them that I love to sit and look at, or if I am feeling a bit down (because there are not enough buttons in the world) I like to sift through them like sand and let them slip through my fingers; I have even been known to spend an hour laying each of them out on the floor and just looking at them.

For my wedding I KNEW that I had to have a button bouquet. My lovely husband (to be at the time) bought me a handmade button necklace and earring set for Christmas and saw one of these bouquets in the shop ( and she put me us in touch with the lady who made my STUNNING bouquet Lesa from

As you can see from the picture above it is a master piece that I get to keep forever….

I deviate… the name; I also wanted butterfly to be in the name as I knew I was going to go through a big life change and what could be more beautiful than the thought of a butterfly in flight onto a new adventure. So I brainstormed using those words and others and with a friends help came up with Button-Flies.

So there you go, a mix of my new adventure and my LOVE for buttons.