I am Grateful for the earth!

Yesterday I was thinking a lot about how grateful I was for nature and especially here in Brighton.

1. I am grateful for the amazing weather we get in Brighton and Hove that allows me to take Ollie out most days.

2. I am grateful for the beach being so near to us so that Ollie can experience the sights and smells of the seaside.

3. I am grateful for always feeling like I am holiday where I live.

4. I am grateful for the lovely parks in Brighton and Hove, we never get bored with visiting parks.

5. I am grateful for trees, they always show me that the world is alive and vibrant.


Have a wonderful day and take some time for nature today!



I am GRATEFUL for you!

‘You will have heard sayings like, “whatever goes around comes around,” “You reap what you sow,” and “You get what you give.” Well all of those sayings are describing the same law, and they’re also describing a principle of the Universe that the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton discovered. Newton’s scientific discoveries included the fundamental laws of motion in the Universe, one of which says:

“Every action always has an opposite and equal reaction”

(Rhonda Byrne: The Magic)

It seems so simple that we take time to be grateful for the things and people in our lives. Yet I know I wasn’t always making that a daily habit. In the stress and business of life we take more for granted. We can take our jobs for granted, our family, our partners, our children, people who help us daily and of course ourselves.

I know that for me, when I realised the power of positive thought and the huge power of gratitude I put it into action quickly. I have posted before about the difference saying the simple words Thank You had on mine and my husbands relationship; it has also helped in many other areas of my life.

I now do this exercise daily and it brings positivity and excitement to my day. The sun is always shining when I start the day being grateful for all that I have and all that is happening for me and my family (I do this before I even leave my bed).

So each day I am going to share with you my gratitude list, some days there will be repeats and others it will be future gratitude. It will be exciting to move these thoughts from the notebook that hides in my bag to my online space.

List for 19/08/2014

1 – Family – I am grateful for my family who support me and love me everyday. I love the phone calls and text messages from my beautiful parents that let me know they are thinking about me.

2 – Ollie – I am grateful that he is healthy, beautiful, funny and smart. I am grateful that I have never had to have the worries that others that I have met and know have had.

3 – Dan – I am grateful for all of the love and support that Dan gives me. He is a wonderful husband and my best friend. He is my constant, my rock and he knows how to make me laugh!

4 – Brighton and Hove – I am grateful for the experiences we are having here in Brighton allowing me, Ollie and Dan to explore new things, spend time on the beach and meet such a variety of people.

5 – Resources – I am grateful for the local resources we have including all of the shops, libraries and parks in walking distance allowing me the freedom of NO PRAM nonsense.

6 – Food – I am grateful for all of the new foods I learnt to make and enjoy making. I am grateful for all of the amazing foods we have access to.

7 – Business and Work – I am grateful to such a great part time job that allows me to meet like minded people and express my creativity. I am grateful to have a business I can run from my home whilst with Ollie that I can decide when and where to work it. I am grateful for technology that allows me to do all of these things.

8 – Sleep – I am grateful for a great night sleep from which I have woken a much more positive person this morning.

9 – Deliveries – I am grateful for our replacement bed that arrived so quickly.

10 – You – I am grateful for all of you lovely people that take the time in your day to read my posts.

If you would like to start seeing more positivity in your life this is a great way to start. I would highly recommend ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne as it helps you with daily gratitude exercises.



Boy’s in the Kitchen


The last few weeks I have been making my through a fantastic book recommended by a number of mum friends called ‘Raising Boys – Steve Biddulph’. I must say I have had my eyes opened to being a mum to a boy now and I am going to share some of the fantastic lightbulb moments I have had with Ollie.

Since Ollie was around 8 months old we have had troubles with his eating, after a great start to weaning and drinking less milk, he went back onto having 4 bottles of milk a day and refused of the foods we put in front of him.

Now at 19 months old we may have finally moved back onto more food and less milk! HUGE JUMPING UP AND DOWN MOMENT!

and calm……..

This has been through the patience of the health professionals in Hove and also this book.

‘It’s easy to kick-start in your kids a lifetime interest in food preparation, because nature is on your side. Kids love to eat. They love the smells, colour, tastes and even the mess of food’

On reading this and talking to my health visitor it was evident that Ollie was not experiencing food as something fun and interesting, hence not wanting to ‘waste his time’ on it.


Alongside giving him new foods that we would eat, letting him try anything we had I also decided to start showing him how fun food could be. I started this week with BAKING MUFFINS!

‘Toddlers can help you to make play dough (not to eat!), stirring and kneading the mixture, adding bright colouring.’

You may be thinking ‘oh no, you’re mad for letting Ollie lose in the kitchen’ and yes I would say you need to have a spark of ‘insanity’ to attempt this, but take my word for it IT WAS INCREDIBLE FUN!


The How!

Step 1 – To make things easier, while Ollie was napping I measured all of the ingredients that I would need into little boys that he would be able to hold or lift himself. I also prepared warm soapy water in the sink so that an any point I could wash his hands.

Step 2 – Work slowly through the recipe. I showed Ollie what each ingredient was and asked him to help put it into the mixing bowl. All the time I was asking him what it felt like, tasted like, smelt like (when he touched the flour he said ‘soft, fuffy’).

He really enjoyed cracking the eggs and counting how many I was putting into the mix (this is a great number exercise for a a toddler). He also took great pleasure in using his fingers to add the butter to the mix, he liked the feel of the warm butter on his fingers. He used his hands to carefully put the flour into the bowl, however he then thought it would be fun to see how it fell on the side, chair and floor.

After putting the mixture into the muffin cases we tried the mixture as well as another new texture.


Step 3 – Washing up!

Ollie is a huge fan of water so I knew that I could encourage him to help me clean up. I gave him different cloths/sponges to see the differences and helped him clean some dishes (this will lead me onto another blog post about toddlers helping out around the house). He was more interested in throwing water everywhere shouting ”SPLASH’ really loudly but he enjoyed the warm water on his hands.



This was of course the much waited end result. Whilst the muffins were cooking I kept asking Ollie to safely check their progress through the oven glass, he kept saying ‘cakes wow’.

I really enjoyed watching him touch new foods and taste new things. It has encouraged Ollie to see that there is a fun side to cooking and I have continued to ask for his help everyday whilst making meals and snacks. He is really enjoying being a helper and with this new revelation and the addition of being open to letting him try anything with no force Ollie’s eating has increased so much.

I have had some great success with encouraging to eat and I enjoy meal times again!



The health visitor also gave me some tips that have really worked with encouraging Ollie to eat more that I felt you would find interesting too.

  • Don’t stress! When giving your little one new foods, do not use phrases like ‘eat you going to eat some more’ or ‘try this’ as it is not giving them the choice to try something new, which was as adults have. It is key to encourage their own food exploration. When sitting with them make food fun.
  • Use new pots/bowls and cutlery so that it is more interesting.
  • Give something new in a separate bowl alongside what they normally eat, this allows them to try something new but not have the worry that the ‘new’ food is mixed in with the foods they know already.
  • Allow 20 minutes for each part of the meal (i.e main and dessert).
  • Exchange tv for music if your child is becoming mesmerised by the box!
  • See everything as a step forward, even touching a new food, or smelling deserves praise. Allow your little one to make mess and explore the textures of food it gives them confidence.
  • It can take between 15-20 times of seeing/tasting a food for a baby to ‘like it’.

Have you had any difficulties with your children eating?

I hope you enjoy the images and I look forward to hearing your results.


Today mummy, we play!



This has become Ollie’s new word recently. At first I knew this to be about going into what looked like a park (even just a square foot of grass and a bush) or a play den area. Over the last few days I have noticed that Ollie is actually really focussing on independent play.

I have spent many an afternoon dodging hard and soft toys being launched across the room and tubs of bricks being emptied for the sake of emptying. Up until today I have been assuming Ollie was still going through an almost exploratory method of play, but today (and thinking about it more over the last couple of weeks) Ollie has taken to actually playing with his toys.

It is a very beautiful and proud activity to watch and today was the most I have seen and observed.

In true Ollie style he emptied his entire toy box on the floor, which is full of all sorts of things. I thought again he would throw it about, or kick his feet through it. To my surprise that was nothing like what he actually did. He collapsed the pop up toy box and searched through the pile of toys for a car, sat down and started using the now flat box as a road. I literally just stood and watched; he didn’t notice me but I am so glad I did not miss it.

On thinking about it this evening, he has shown lots of signs of wanting to play with us. He now uses US as roads for his car (my back must be a great flat surface). He has been combining toys, like characters and slides and today at a clinic he carried a doll around the room showing the other babies and mums the doll’s belly.

I am very excited to share in these moments with him and I am looking forward to him playing with some of the toys he had for Christmas (that are character and car based) instead of them being at the bottom of a toy box.

Exciting times ahead, I am so glad I am not missing this.

How did you feel when you first noticed your child playing?

I would love to know your stories.


What is in your handbag?


So many people say ‘Louise your bag is so heavy’…. it is so true!

I thought I would explore why this seemed to be the case. I know it is common for this post to be done and it fascinates me to know what people feel they need to carry with them. I used to be worse, over the years my bags have reduced in size, however I still seem to carry just as much at times.

Why? Fear I think, that I may just need 3 books in my bag because what if I get chance to actually ready during the day and read 2 in my 20 minute time frame?

I am not really sure why we do it, but I would like to think I am trying to prepare for every eventuality in life.

So what was in my bag yesterday when I took theses?

A selection of note books – my journal, my name book, my notebook for lists and scribbled. I like my journal to be neat and tidy so would hate to have scribbled notes in, the purpose of the notebook then is to scribble and then write them up (but I never do actually write them up…) My name book is because I meet a lot of people who do some interesting things, I worry I will forget people!

A thomas toy – this was actually bought on the day for Ollie while buying a 1st birthday present (the same toy) and very soon Ollie got bored of it. How many mums reading this carry their children’s toys in their bags?

My glasses – self explanatory, although I ned them a lot for long distance (meaning walking or driving) they spend most of the time taking up space in my bag.

Wallet – a huge wallet that has very little purpose than holding the huge amount of cards in my life, including 3 banks cards and old nero stamped cards…. DOWNSIZE IN ORDER. Why do I carry it? What happens if I go into a shop that has a points card and lose 5 points for the vegetables I was buying…NOTHING happens.

Lipstick and Lip Moisturiser – this one is amusing as the new lipstick I have in my bag is a moisturiser ASWELL but there is something nerve racking about removing it…it fits so nicely in the inside pocket.

Keys – When I was younger I used to collect keyrings…I seem to have brought back the tradition. There are however reasons for each one, like the million dollar poker chip from Las Vegas and the lovely owl (which reminds me of two lovely friends at home). I actually only have 2 keys on there for the flat. Do I need all the keyrings? That is the million dollar question.

SMILE’S and LAUGHS – couldn’t resist.

iPad – this is probably the most useless item in bag, because it has no 3G and I spend most of my time outside. I NEVER use it unless I am doing a business presentation.

Unposted letters and postcards from shops – I always have something to post and I fear I do not like goodbyes because letters always spend about 2 weeks in my bag. The postcards..I can not explain it, they were from earlier in the week, no idea why they had not been taken out.

A book –  I always have a book as I grab any moment I can to learn and develop (and escape) Current The Power of Now

Pebble – I collect pebbles; I am looking to start sending gratitude pebbles to my team when they join, so I pick up the best pebbles I find on my morning walks.

Pin – Taken off a jacket and not returned.

Pen – I think you can guess.

So how interesting, the weight must come from the selection of books, journals and notebooks.

Oh and of course the iPad I only use at home.

I feel uplifted for having shared that with you all!


It’s what is Inside that counts!



Barriers are created as we grow, fears are created through experience but when it boils down to it as a parent there is NOTHING I would not do or face for Ollie. I have a fear of water, moths and crowds. I have a need for preciseness and routine all of which hold me back sometimes. I suppose we always wish our children to be better than we were, we can install traits into them, we can try and mould them to the ‘ideal’ little person. I want Ollie to be more free spirited than me, but can I really make that decision?

My mind spins back to those days while I was pregnant and me and my hubby would dream up all of the characteristics we would like Ollie to have, we were very set on the following:

Kind and loving

Intelligent (more than us)

Polite and with old fashioned manners

Not interested in sports

Have a passion for the world and travel


We even thought up careers for him:






I am sure the list goes on. However more recently I have come to realise that Ollie is EXACTLY the way HE WANTS TO BE (and that does include a love of football at the moment, of which is no interest to most of his family), of course we have taught him the words and phrases that are polite and cute, but he CHOSE to use them, he CHOSE them to be his responses.  I took Ollie to view a nursery yesterday and was heartbroken when I tried to take him home (after 15 minutes I might add) because he desperately wanted to be with the other children, his eyes said to me …’yes mum you may like spending time alone and reflecting but I want to PLAY with these children’. With one look he was able to show me that he knows who he is and what he wants. Ollie does exactly what he CHOOSES through his day and he is HAPPY and EXCITED; I have given in to the idea of ‘moulding’ him and moved to a much different way of thinking.

It doesn’t really matter to me what Ollie enjoys doing or how he wants his room to be decorated in a few years time, what matters are his CORE VALUES. Those are what I am not going to focus on, he can like football (I will even stand on the sidelines in the rain) he can be independent, creative, eccentric, boisterous. He can be an astronaut or travel photographer, a shoe maker or a writer, he can make chewing gum for a living as long as I see him do it with a smile on his face and love in his heart.

Everyday I look Ollie in the eyes and I tell him ‘I love you’ (he now sings the Barney I love you song back which is cute), I tell him so that he knows he is loved and needed; I also tell him he is special, smart and funny and I do it because it is TRUE. I do it because I want him to know that these are the feelings important to me.

So I want to encourage Ollie to express himself how he wishes with teaching core values and not personality traits, I will teach him:

To BELIEVE in himself and others – I want him to trust his instincts and DREAM BIG, I want him to KNOW he CAN achieve anything he sets his mind on and he can help others see that potential too.

To LOVE unconditionally – to love and respect himself and those around him. By living life with love in his heart he will have so much to give.

To LEARN – to always learn and grow, experience and explore. To build upon mistakes made and be the best version of himself.

To LISTEN – Ollie’s dad is the greatest listener I know, he is a rock when it comes to being supportive and allowing you the space to be heard, this is one of the biggest reasons I love this man so much and it has shown me how important listening is.

To be GRATEFUL for all you have and will have. Over the past 6 months gratitude to others and myself has changed my mindset for the better. Even when it is raining and cold I can see the sun behind the clouds and this is all thanks to gratitude. I spend time everyday saying thank you (in my head, on paper and in person), it has such a strong power, it can change the course of your day and your life.

To SMILE – All children love to smile and as we grow for various reasons some people’s smile can fade. I want to teach Ollie about the beauty in the world, in people and in him so that when life does get him down he knows that if he shares a smile it can make all the difference.

Now reading these I laugh to myself because this was never something I would have thought about before Ollie, I thought happiness and being a good person came from a lot of other different external sources, it was a revelation to me that it can come from within yourself (which is a cheaper than the handbags and notebooks I used to buy to keep myself smiling…ok you got me I still do that however….)

So of course, while you have the freedom to choose your little ones clothes, bedroom and what play park they spend their time in, see in them that they KNOW what they want already and are just trying to tell you. Install in them rock solid values and no matter what their chosen path in life it will always be the right one for them.

Thank you for your eyes and ears this morning, have a fantastic day!




Thought of the Day – Be Gentle

Yes mummy I am watching!

Yes mummy I am watching!

Today was a hard day. We all get those days right, where pressure piles on top of pressure, where we feel like every muscle in our bodies is tense.

Well 12 months ago this would have ruined my weekend. Stop, rephrase I would have ruined my weekend.

So what happened?

Well it all began at 4am this morning when my son Ollie decided sleep was not on his agenda…

It is easy to let tiredness be an excuse for not being  productive, positive or even nice. I do not think I was the nicest I could have been to Ollie this morning; each tiny sound he made added to MY mood. Each scream just made ME feel more and more tense and on edge.

What happened?

He got worse…

I could go on, but to summarise my day events were similar to this:

Food throwing, tantrum, screaming, playing, laughing, walk, sun, pram, visit grandparents, food throwing, tantrum, laughing, exploring, crazy, running, meeting new people, having juice, tantrum in pram, off to nanas….mummy breaths.

So you may be able to see why I was feeling a bit uptight. I did do something about it later in the day, I went for a walk and reflected on what could have gone better, I even relaxed and came to a conclusion. Then as I was breathing through the stress and processing my thoughts the penny dropped. I recalled something a healthcare professional had said to me a year ago ‘a baby is a barometer of the mum’

That was it, I spent the day saying ‘why me, why me’ well now I know. It was me.

Now this may seem to contradict my title, but bare with me. Ollie has been through relocating, new surroundings, mummy home full time and daddy not being around for 2 weeks and I thought that was really affecting him. It is. However what is making him worse is that am stressed as well and he is sensing that. I am putting pressure on myself to do everything, see everyone and not giving him chance to relax or myself.

He knows when I am happy and he knows when I am down, he knows before I do sometimes. It made perfect sense when I looked at the past few weeks and his behaviour pattern.

So I know I am not helping Ollie’s stress levels and his unsettled feeling, but, and this is where my title comes in, I now realise there is no point in living in that past reaction to his screaming, or tantrums I now KNOW what I need to look for and that is a NEW reaction to it. So I WILL NOT be hard on myself and beat myself up about today, I will MOVE ON, GROW and LEARN.

When I next see him (he is having a sleep over with his Nana) I will be giving him a huge hug and tell him just how much I love him. I will also thank him for constantly challenging me, because each time our bond grows.

With Love to my beautiful boy Ollie.




‘Gratitude means thankfulness, counting your blessings, noticing simple pleasures, and acknowledging everything that you receive. It means learning to live your life as if everything were a miracle, and being aware on a continuous basis of how much you’ve been given. Gratitude shifts your focus from what your life lacks to the abundance that is already present. In addition, behavioural and psychological research has shown the surprising life improvements that can stem from the practice of gratitude. Giving thanks makes people happier and more resilient, it strengthens relationships, it improves health, and it reduces stress.’ (http://www.thechangeblog.com/gratitude/)

What are you thankful for?

Do you say thank you daily?

One of my new tasks that makes me see the abundance in my life everyday is saying THANK YOU; I say thank you to people who provide great customer service; I say thank you to those around me who love and support me; I say thank you for the feeling of the sun on my skin, I say thank you for the laughter of my son.

I read a book about 6 months ago called ‘The road less travelled’ (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Road-Less-Travelled-Arrow-New-Age/dp/0099727404). One part of it in particular CHANGED my life and I would like to share that with you.

Photo on 2013-09-22 at 15.23 #2

I was reading this book whilst I was at the doctors one morning, after what had been a very difficult month relationship wise. Me and my partner were experiencing very high stress levels and this was causing arguments. We were getting married very soon, our son was starting to be mobile and all the changes from the previous few months were putting a pressure on our relationship we had not experienced before.

Sitting there, in the surgery, not wanting to talk to anyone; I buried my head and absorbed the words, looking for something to help raise the smiles in our house again… and then in one chapter it said ‘SAY THANK YOU’ (I don’t want to spoil this for anyone that reads this so I am not going to quote the book, I want you to experience what I did when reading it).


So what nerve did that hit for me?

I realised I had spent months putting pressure on my hardworking husband to ‘help more’ and although that help may have been needed, what I was not doing was thanking him for what he HAD been helping me with. It was a lightbulb moment for our relationship.

When I left the doctors I called Dan straight away and said something along the lines of:

‘Hi babe, I hope your having a good day. I just wanted to ring you to say that I know I have been talking about needing more help lately but I have realised that I have not been appreciative of what you are doing for me and I just wanted to call and say THANK YOU’

It was a lovely phone call and on hanging up the phone I felt AMAZING, I felt grateful, I felt positive and I felt appreciative.

That one phone call CHANGED the course of the next few months leading up to our wedding.



So moving on from that call I have looked more at the power of saying thank you. I have said it to family members, I have said it to cashiers, other drivers, random people that do something I can be grateful for…even myself.

WHY? Because it makes me realise just how much others do and how much a little appreciation goes along way; it helps build relationships and it makes people smile. It made me realise I had the power to work on some important relationships in my life by showing my gratitude.


Sometimes I may not see anyone, or experience something to say THANK YOU for personally. So every day I make sure I know what I am grateful for and I thank the ‘universe’ for everything I have and will have.

I write a gratitude list every evening before bed, then in the morning I re-read my list and start my day with a HUGE feeling of positivity, abundance and love.

As i write this just before I head to bed I thought I would share this list with you this evening:

1 – I am grateful for my supportive family and friends

2 – I am grateful for my new relocation to Brighton

3 – I am grateful for my fantastic business partners

4 – I am grateful for my health

5 – I am grateful for the ease of technology to keep in touch with family

6 – I am grateful for my self development journey

7 – I am grateful for the sunshine today for a day out with Ollie and friends

8 – I am grateful for my successful online business

9 – I am grateful for the amazing customer service from Cafe Nero and Accessories

10 – I am grateful for Ollie’s laughter

11 – I am grateful for meeting new people who can enhance my business and life

12 – I am grateful for my determination

13 – I am grateful for my vision

14 – I am grateful for my husbands tenacious, hardworking personality

15 – I am grateful for LOVE

If I am grateful for something or someone I tell them, I have even texted people randomly when I have thought about how much they mean to me 🙂

What are you grateful for? I would love to hear what meant something to you today.

THANK YOU for being amazing and spending the time reading my ramblings. Goodnight.


The New You – Breaking the habit

          1. a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.


To all of you lovely people who have missed my posts. I am back with clarity and focus of what I want to share with you. I have spent a lot of time on my personal development, I have been reading and listening to audio and putting all of the things I am learning into practice.


A huge part of this has been looking at self destructive ‘habits’ that were not helping me move forward in my life and my business; they were stopping me from developing and reaching my potential in every area of my life especially my business and my relationships. I have really enjoyed this development and have now put in place positive habits that are helping me progress and grow.
It takes on average 30 days of doing something consistently to make something a habit. So I have set my habit changes for the month, we are only 8 days in and what a difference it has made. (I have created a habit sheet with 30 days on, I tick each day I use the positive habit instead of the negative).


It seems so easy to stop something that may be ‘difficult’ or ‘new’ but if you are consistently challenging yourself you are growing and ‘If you are not growing, your dying’ (Anthony Robbins)
So what habits have I set to change… well I had a few that I would like to work on but at the moment I am looking at my productivity in my life, business and relationships; what do I mean you ask? I am glad you asked. I, like many others, HAD a ‘habit’ of procrastination, this can mean I WAS not meeting up with friends and family and maintaining those important relationships. It can mean I WAS using excuses to not do something like ‘oh I will do the washing then make a phone call’ (It takes longer to do the washing Louise – yes head fairy I know).


It also means that I LEFT tasks that are very simple to be done another time, that other time TURNED into the ONLY time that I am able to do anything so I feel stressed because I have to do EVERYTHING that I set for myself. NOTE TO SELF: Just to do it NOW!


So this is habit one that I have been working on. DO SOMETHING WHEN IT NEEDS DOING!
The second is a little more specific but in the same area of productivity…ready for it FACEBOOK! Ok now I know that sometimes a good Facebook stalking session is therapeutic but be honest, do you really need to look up this new contacts great aunt and see what they were doing in 2009 and what hair colour they had? NO.
‘Hello my name is ……………………….and I have a Facebook addition’ (How many people just added their name?)


It is incredible the power that social media has on our lives, for others they use different platforms but for me it WAS always Facebook. I would lose myself for hours, the tea would burn, the bath overrun and a number of times I did not want to take that all important loo break.


So how have I now tackled this habit?


I like to read and I like to read self development and business books… so I have set myself the NEW habit of:


Read for at least 30 minutes or 10 pages of a book, that is helping towards building yourself or your business, BEFORE checking Facebook. Now you will be pleased to know this is going really well, the trend that has set in is that I will get up to read INSTEAD of Facebook stalking (or reading every post I read the night before bed) then Ollie will wake and my day starts. I actually am not checking Facebook until about 9:30am now WOW I know right????
SO my third ‘negative habit’ that I have challenged is again for productivity in my life… Ollie’s nap times.


Now as a mum it is VERY tempting to use this time in 1 of two ways (I tried both and it was not successful) 1: Vegetate or 2: CLEAN EVERYTHING (That will be messy in an hour anyway).


How many of you mums reading this can relate to that? Now I am a full time mum and yes I am busy being a mum. But I run a successful business alongside a chaotic baby boy HOW you ask? NAP TIME!!!!


Neither of the above were really working for me and my productivity would drop over the course of the week (after nursery on a Monday). I have now stopped creating more stress for myself by worrying about ALL of the things I need to do during the day and I ENJOY the time with my son. I use nap times and after bedtime to do all of those business tasks that having a toddler hanging off your leg hinders a little.
When you want to ANYTHING successfully time management is KEY to that success. All of the above ‘habits’ that I wanted to change were all achieved by the use of effective time management.


Now that I have tackled these habits I am a new ME:


I am in control


I am calm


I am successful


I am positive


I am happy


I am motivated


I am proud




I am inspired


I am educated


I am ME



This has been a really fun journey and I am excited for the future ME.


What are your negative habits? What would you change in your life?
I hope you find some of my journey useful.


5 Days and Counting …Down – Old School Selfies


I am really glad for the selfie, it gives me a chance to look back over great memories and realise fashion mistakes!

Today I spent some time thinking about all the positive and negative things that have led me to where I am today.

We look to the past a lot, but the difference today was that I was grateful; grateful for every event, learning experience and change as today I understand myself so much more thanks to them all.

So I thought I would share with you the selfies from when my journey really started 5 years ago.