Rainy Day Sanity Savers!


When you suddenly find yourself indoors because of the weather does you otherwise angelic cherub turn into a Tasmanian Devil that has eaten a truck load of skittles?

That was me this morning…luckily I have some ‘sanity saviours’ ready to rock pretty much all the time to entertain my little ‘taz’.

I have small activity boxes such as:

 – Crayons and a small pad

– Playdoh and shape cutters

– Bubbles/Balloons and Stickers

Today I decided it was painting time. I keep all of the paint equipment easy to hand, including a sheet, scrap paper and aprons. I want it to take less than 10 minutes to set up an activity and to be able to do it without leaving my crazy toddler on his own for too long.

Today I decided to combine some Alphabet learning with the messy play, so took an extra 5 minutes to print a free alphabet colouring book that I downloaded.

Source: http://www.tlsbooks.com/preschoolalphabetcoloringbook.html.

What did I use:

– Surface/table (we have a painting table but I use the kitchen side as well)

– Some card

– Spray Adhesive

– Aprons

– Printable Colouring book

– Paper to print on and messy paper to lay over your surface

– Masking tape (to tape the messy paper to the surface)

– Paint

– Recyclables to use for paint (I don’t use my dishes or pots so I can just throw the paint containers away. Yoghurt pots are great or a used a muffin case today)

– Small Paint Brushes

What did I do?


  1. Printed the downloaded document
  2. Cover the table/surface using thin paper and masking tape
  3. Chose 4 colours to place in the pot
  4. Use the spray adhesive to stick the alphabet sheets to card to make them more sturdy

Set up time: 5-10 minutes (Only 5 minutes if alphabet letters have been prepped beforehand)


  1. I asked Ollie to choose a letter he would like to paint, we also sang the Alphabet song whilst painting which was really fun.

Activity Time: 15-20 minutes

Clean Up

  1. Throw the plastic pot/container with paint away
  2. Let Ollie wash his hands and the brushes
  3. Put the painting somewhere safe to dry
  4. Saved any other scraps of painting i.e. hand prints on the table paper (I like to keep everything)

Clean up time: 5 minutes

Once all of the letters we had painted were dry I cut them into squares and I am now looking forward to the next session so we can complete the alphabet.


What rainy day activities do you like to do?



Let me know your thoughts

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