Ramblings of a Pregnant Lady – Find a rainbow




‘There isn’t much I wouldn’t do, to stop the world for a moment. In a world that does not slow or quiet, I’d like a chance to freeze a rainbow in the sky long enough to climb it and sit in the sun.

To look at the world below through a rainbow lens and a hazy hue, while the world stood still and took the time to breathe. The clouds would sigh and the trees would rest their branches around each others heavy shoulders.

As fairies danced in time to the sound of the wind, I would gently climb back down the rainbow to the ground below. I would close my eyes, take a deep breath and the world would un-pause again.

The air would smell rested and the sun would smile and nod at me before going about his business once more.’

Louise Jutson – 3rd Trimester Craziness



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