Review from Oliver Drake Jutson


Article by Oliver Drake Jutson

Chaos writer and philosopher of all things fun

When my mummy told me how much my water wipes were, I was shocked (picture 2). i couldn’t believe she was spending £30 a month on wipes, that was easily an extra box of Lego!!!! I was very shocked. I had to do something.

So while mum was folding my clothes, I sneaked onto her computer and went to ‘The Amazon’ I didn’t know what to expect but it didn’t seem as scary as books seem to say. Anyway in ‘The Amazon’ they have boxes of the wipes my mummy buys for me for £16.00!! YES £16.00. A box of 12 packs of water wipes (usually £2.50 a pack) for nearly half the price of what mum buys and CAN BE DELIVERED FOR FREE as well.

Well I am sure you can understand my excitement, so I left ‘The Amazon’ on her screen for her to see!

She noticed my genius and ordered them. (mummy paid to get them here quicker which was still less than £30).

They arrived the next day, and I tell you, I know was excited about a new toy BUT this was AMAZING. The box was me size 🙂

It is very important ladies, that you know you can save money (to buy those extra toys for your little ones) by shopping online.

Have a wonderful day, I will…I have a box to sit in to watch tv and eat my snack in.

Over and out from Ollie!



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