I am Grateful!

Today has been a quiet reflective day and today my gratitude goes to the following:

1- My business partners for being supportive and understanding with clear advice and a smile.

2- My health visitor spending a bit if extra time playing with Ollie to give me a few minutes break.

3- Tesco, for having everything I needed and not being too far from my house. Allowing me and ollie to get out even for a short walk.

4- Technology, although I am a huge fan of a physical book I love that I can download one on impulse.

5- Technology, for giving me access to some interesting food ideas to stop me being bored.

6- Dan!! Enough said!

7- My loving family who support all of my creative ventures.

8- Pants, I love how pants can be so comfortable. I used to always be wearing uncomfortable pants.

9- Feta Cheese for being so awesome!

10- The dark, I love how peaceful it can be and how comforting the quiet is after a long day.

I hope you had a wonderful day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this today.



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