I am GRATEFUL for you!

‘You will have heard sayings like, “whatever goes around comes around,” “You reap what you sow,” and “You get what you give.” Well all of those sayings are describing the same law, and they’re also describing a principle of the Universe that the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton discovered. Newton’s scientific discoveries included the fundamental laws of motion in the Universe, one of which says:

“Every action always has an opposite and equal reaction”

(Rhonda Byrne: The Magic)

It seems so simple that we take time to be grateful for the things and people in our lives. Yet I know I wasn’t always making that a daily habit. In the stress and business of life we take more for granted. We can take our jobs for granted, our family, our partners, our children, people who help us daily and of course ourselves.

I know that for me, when I realised the power of positive thought and the huge power of gratitude I put it into action quickly. I have posted before about the difference saying the simple words Thank You had on mine and my husbands relationship; it has also helped in many other areas of my life.

I now do this exercise daily and it brings positivity and excitement to my day. The sun is always shining when I start the day being grateful for all that I have and all that is happening for me and my family (I do this before I even leave my bed).

So each day I am going to share with you my gratitude list, some days there will be repeats and others it will be future gratitude. It will be exciting to move these thoughts from the notebook that hides in my bag to my online space.

List for 19/08/2014

1 – Family – I am grateful for my family who support me and love me everyday. I love the phone calls and text messages from my beautiful parents that let me know they are thinking about me.

2 – Ollie – I am grateful that he is healthy, beautiful, funny and smart. I am grateful that I have never had to have the worries that others that I have met and know have had.

3 – Dan – I am grateful for all of the love and support that Dan gives me. He is a wonderful husband and my best friend. He is my constant, my rock and he knows how to make me laugh!

4 – Brighton and Hove – I am grateful for the experiences we are having here in Brighton allowing me, Ollie and Dan to explore new things, spend time on the beach and meet such a variety of people.

5 – Resources – I am grateful for the local resources we have including all of the shops, libraries and parks in walking distance allowing me the freedom of NO PRAM nonsense.

6 – Food – I am grateful for all of the new foods I learnt to make and enjoy making. I am grateful for all of the amazing foods we have access to.

7 – Business and Work – I am grateful to such a great part time job that allows me to meet like minded people and express my creativity. I am grateful to have a business I can run from my home whilst with Ollie that I can decide when and where to work it. I am grateful for technology that allows me to do all of these things.

8 – Sleep – I am grateful for a great night sleep from which I have woken a much more positive person this morning.

9 – Deliveries – I am grateful for our replacement bed that arrived so quickly.

10 – You – I am grateful for all of you lovely people that take the time in your day to read my posts.

If you would like to start seeing more positivity in your life this is a great way to start. I would highly recommend ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne as it helps you with daily gratitude exercises.




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