Pregnancy Hobby – My hidden talent!



Pregnancy – a period of time that passes super slow but does not last long enough!

My pregnancy was a great one in comparison to others who I have know and heard of. It was pretty straight forward but at 33 weeks I was HEAVY and still working full time in a physical administration job. I loved my job and loved helping people but I was slowing down. My colleagues were incredible and although offered me so much help I was very reluctant to let anyone else do my job!

Are you about to go on maternity leave? Has the question crossed your mind of ‘what will I do if I am not working’. Believe me there is only so many times that you can rearrange your new arrivals wardrobe.

I was advised to take up a ‘hobby’. However my passion and other freelance business was photography based and that again was physical.

At 33 weeks, I was forced to make the decision to do something relaxing. I experienced 24 hours of no movement from my little boy and I was terrified. I sat in the hospital and of course (as they do) he started moving again within 20 minutes of being hooked up to the machines.

The midwife was lovely but stern and informed me in no uncertain terms that it was not acceptable for me to be working full time at this stage of my pregnancy and to medically seek to go part-time.

Oh no, I thought, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?

The universe answered when my lovely mother-in-law took me on a day trip to Tavistock, one of my favourite places to go. We ventured into the shops and had a lovely cake and tea (or at least I am sure we did, if we didn’t then we should have). She took me to a craft shop and there I found a book on crochet flowers, well I was excited and I KNEW it would be EASY!

I became addicted to the thought…then I opened the book, needles and wool ready…

I had NO CLUE what the pattern abbreviations meant! I had never seen a crochet stitch in my life.

Well my saviour became YouTube tutorials. They are amazing and I literally did not stop. Each day after work I would go home, feet up and make little items for friends, family and my soon to be new bundle.

The items above are just some of the things I made:

Baby Hats (middle one was for Ollie when he was born but his head was too big)




Phone Cases

Ipad cases

Scarves and Flowers

It was an amazing skill to learn and very rewarding. I now use this skill every time a friend has a baby, as the baby blankets are so lovely to make. I kept meaning to make some for the baby unit at my local hospital too, that is something I am planning to do very soon.

So mum’s to be, take advice from a mum who just wouldn’t slow down, CROCHET ROCKS (and your family will think you are crazy but love all of their wonky gifts)



Let me know your thoughts

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