Personalise Fathers Day


I would say one of my greatest skills has always been shopping. I know where to find most things, I LOVE sale rails and charity shopping. However over the past year of meeting new creatives and having Ollie I have developed a huge passion for all things hand-made when it comes to crafts and gifts.

So when I decided to look at an online card site for our fathers day cards, it suddenly occurred to me that although these cards would be lovely and arrive on time to our wonderful dads and grandads, the sentimental value was really a big fat ZERO.

Then Ollie shouted me from his room and the idea was formed to create memories with him for the role models in our lives.

It was a simple process that formed some stunning results.

Step 1 – I set up some paper on the floor with masking tape to secure it down.

Step 2 – I poured 3 colours of paint into a thin tub

Step 3 – I laid down all of the cards in a row

Step 4 – I stripped Ollie down to his nappy (our new washing machine had not yet arrived)

Step 4 – We got our hands dirty 🙂

We had a great time dipping Ollie’s fingers into the paint and pressing them onto the cards. He really enjoyed moving his fingers around and feeling the paint on his skin. He did keep rubbing paint on his legs and giggling as well.

We had to create 9 cards all together.

Me and Dan then added the squares and the text to each card (of which I have to admit Dan’s looked better than mine this time shhhhhhhh)

Once we had them all written out, we involved Ollie even more and photographed him posting each one individually.

OlliepostmanHappy Fathers day to our wonderful dads, step-dads, grandads and great-grandads we LOVE you so much, your wisdom, love and stories fill us with wonder and hope.

For all of those who may not be able to share their love with their dads today, my thoughts go out to you; even though this day may make you feel sad, feel AMAZING that they are with you and created you for AMAZING things 🙂 Make them proud.

A massive Fathers Day Hug to Dan too from our beautiful boy. You have made our world a wonderful place to be and I thank you, as does Ollie, everyday for what you are doing for our family.

HUGE LOVE and Happy Fathers Day




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