Today mummy, we play!



This has become Ollie’s new word recently. At first I knew this to be about going into what looked like a park (even just a square foot of grass and a bush) or a play den area. Over the last few days I have noticed that Ollie is actually really focussing on independent play.

I have spent many an afternoon dodging hard and soft toys being launched across the room and tubs of bricks being emptied for the sake of emptying. Up until today I have been assuming Ollie was still going through an almost exploratory method of play, but today (and thinking about it more over the last couple of weeks) Ollie has taken to actually playing with his toys.

It is a very beautiful and proud activity to watch and today was the most I have seen and observed.

In true Ollie style he emptied his entire toy box on the floor, which is full of all sorts of things. I thought again he would throw it about, or kick his feet through it. To my surprise that was nothing like what he actually did. He collapsed the pop up toy box and searched through the pile of toys for a car, sat down and started using the now flat box as a road. I literally just stood and watched; he didn’t notice me but I am so glad I did not miss it.

On thinking about it this evening, he has shown lots of signs of wanting to play with us. He now uses US as roads for his car (my back must be a great flat surface). He has been combining toys, like characters and slides and today at a clinic he carried a doll around the room showing the other babies and mums the doll’s belly.

I am very excited to share in these moments with him and I am looking forward to him playing with some of the toys he had for Christmas (that are character and car based) instead of them being at the bottom of a toy box.

Exciting times ahead, I am so glad I am not missing this.

How did you feel when you first noticed your child playing?

I would love to know your stories.



Let me know your thoughts

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