What is in your handbag?


So many people say ‘Louise your bag is so heavy’…. it is so true!

I thought I would explore why this seemed to be the case. I know it is common for this post to be done and it fascinates me to know what people feel they need to carry with them. I used to be worse, over the years my bags have reduced in size, however I still seem to carry just as much at times.

Why? Fear I think, that I may just need 3 books in my bag because what if I get chance to actually ready during the day and read 2 in my 20 minute time frame?

I am not really sure why we do it, but I would like to think I am trying to prepare for every eventuality in life.

So what was in my bag yesterday when I took theses?

A selection of note books – my journal, my name book, my notebook for lists and scribbled. I like my journal to be neat and tidy so would hate to have scribbled notes in, the purpose of the notebook then is to scribble and then write them up (but I never do actually write them up…) My name book is because I meet a lot of people who do some interesting things, I worry I will forget people!

A thomas toy – this was actually bought on the day for Ollie while buying a 1st birthday present (the same toy) and very soon Ollie got bored of it. How many mums reading this carry their children’s toys in their bags?

My glasses – self explanatory, although I ned them a lot for long distance (meaning walking or driving) they spend most of the time taking up space in my bag.

Wallet – a huge wallet that has very little purpose than holding the huge amount of cards in my life, including 3 banks cards and old nero stamped cards…. DOWNSIZE IN ORDER. Why do I carry it? What happens if I go into a shop that has a points card and lose 5 points for the vegetables I was buying…NOTHING happens.

Lipstick and Lip Moisturiser – this one is amusing as the new lipstick I have in my bag is a moisturiser ASWELL but there is something nerve racking about removing it…it fits so nicely in the inside pocket.

Keys – When I was younger I used to collect keyrings…I seem to have brought back the tradition. There are however reasons for each one, like the million dollar poker chip from Las Vegas and the lovely owl (which reminds me of two lovely friends at home). I actually only have 2 keys on there for the flat. Do I need all the keyrings? That is the million dollar question.

SMILE’S and LAUGHS – couldn’t resist.

iPad – this is probably the most useless item in bag, because it has no 3G and I spend most of my time outside. I NEVER use it unless I am doing a business presentation.

Unposted letters and postcards from shops – I always have something to post and I fear I do not like goodbyes because letters always spend about 2 weeks in my bag. The postcards..I can not explain it, they were from earlier in the week, no idea why they had not been taken out.

A book –  I always have a book as I grab any moment I can to learn and develop (and escape) Current The Power of Now

Pebble – I collect pebbles; I am looking to start sending gratitude pebbles to my team when they join, so I pick up the best pebbles I find on my morning walks.

Pin – Taken off a jacket and not returned.

Pen – I think you can guess.

So how interesting, the weight must come from the selection of books, journals and notebooks.

Oh and of course the iPad I only use at home.

I feel uplifted for having shared that with you all!



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