The New You – Breaking the habit

          1. a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.


To all of you lovely people who have missed my posts. I am back with clarity and focus of what I want to share with you. I have spent a lot of time on my personal development, I have been reading and listening to audio and putting all of the things I am learning into practice.


A huge part of this has been looking at self destructive ‘habits’ that were not helping me move forward in my life and my business; they were stopping me from developing and reaching my potential in every area of my life especially my business and my relationships. I have really enjoyed this development and have now put in place positive habits that are helping me progress and grow.
It takes on average 30 days of doing something consistently to make something a habit. So I have set my habit changes for the month, we are only 8 days in and what a difference it has made. (I have created a habit sheet with 30 days on, I tick each day I use the positive habit instead of the negative).


It seems so easy to stop something that may be ‘difficult’ or ‘new’ but if you are consistently challenging yourself you are growing and ‘If you are not growing, your dying’ (Anthony Robbins)
So what habits have I set to change… well I had a few that I would like to work on but at the moment I am looking at my productivity in my life, business and relationships; what do I mean you ask? I am glad you asked. I, like many others, HAD a ‘habit’ of procrastination, this can mean I WAS not meeting up with friends and family and maintaining those important relationships. It can mean I WAS using excuses to not do something like ‘oh I will do the washing then make a phone call’ (It takes longer to do the washing Louise – yes head fairy I know).


It also means that I LEFT tasks that are very simple to be done another time, that other time TURNED into the ONLY time that I am able to do anything so I feel stressed because I have to do EVERYTHING that I set for myself. NOTE TO SELF: Just to do it NOW!


So this is habit one that I have been working on. DO SOMETHING WHEN IT NEEDS DOING!
The second is a little more specific but in the same area of productivity…ready for it FACEBOOK! Ok now I know that sometimes a good Facebook stalking session is therapeutic but be honest, do you really need to look up this new contacts great aunt and see what they were doing in 2009 and what hair colour they had? NO.
‘Hello my name is ……………………….and I have a Facebook addition’ (How many people just added their name?)


It is incredible the power that social media has on our lives, for others they use different platforms but for me it WAS always Facebook. I would lose myself for hours, the tea would burn, the bath overrun and a number of times I did not want to take that all important loo break.


So how have I now tackled this habit?


I like to read and I like to read self development and business books… so I have set myself the NEW habit of:


Read for at least 30 minutes or 10 pages of a book, that is helping towards building yourself or your business, BEFORE checking Facebook. Now you will be pleased to know this is going really well, the trend that has set in is that I will get up to read INSTEAD of Facebook stalking (or reading every post I read the night before bed) then Ollie will wake and my day starts. I actually am not checking Facebook until about 9:30am now WOW I know right????
SO my third ‘negative habit’ that I have challenged is again for productivity in my life… Ollie’s nap times.


Now as a mum it is VERY tempting to use this time in 1 of two ways (I tried both and it was not successful) 1: Vegetate or 2: CLEAN EVERYTHING (That will be messy in an hour anyway).


How many of you mums reading this can relate to that? Now I am a full time mum and yes I am busy being a mum. But I run a successful business alongside a chaotic baby boy HOW you ask? NAP TIME!!!!


Neither of the above were really working for me and my productivity would drop over the course of the week (after nursery on a Monday). I have now stopped creating more stress for myself by worrying about ALL of the things I need to do during the day and I ENJOY the time with my son. I use nap times and after bedtime to do all of those business tasks that having a toddler hanging off your leg hinders a little.
When you want to ANYTHING successfully time management is KEY to that success. All of the above ‘habits’ that I wanted to change were all achieved by the use of effective time management.


Now that I have tackled these habits I am a new ME:


I am in control


I am calm


I am successful


I am positive


I am happy


I am motivated


I am proud




I am inspired


I am educated


I am ME



This has been a really fun journey and I am excited for the future ME.


What are your negative habits? What would you change in your life?
I hope you find some of my journey useful.



Let me know your thoughts

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