Christmas Present Review 4 – Secret Santa


This is one to make you giggle on a Sunday morning!

As we are older now, my immediate family (mum, step-dad, nan, brother and husband) all take part in secret santa instead of all buying stuff for each other, we still buy for the children as we feel that is where our money and time should go. However secret santa has been really popular with us for the last few years and if you have a big family (or family members with expensive taste) then this could work for you too.

So my mum took the names around in a pot to each of us, me and Dan chose ours at the same time…

I was shocked but I knew what I wanted to do straight away, I wanted to make something unique. So I went through my ‘to craft up’ box and found a blank teapot. I wanted it to be a special personalised present and I spent time writing all of the words that described my secret santa recipient, then I wrapped it and waited for Christmas day.

We all placed our gifts in the santa sack (we all use homemade labels and the same paper to keep the illusion for a bit longer) and we distributed them after lunch all very happy with our gifts. The above present was liked very much and when we all guessed who each others santa was the room could not work out who had given this give…the recipient was me…secret santa was….ME.

Yes I made this for myself, everyone had picked their names out and I was the last one so I was left with my own name (which made a change as Dan had me for two years running). I didn’t spend the time buying a gift for myself (yes I know I should have taken the chance to buy something AWESOME and expensive) but I made something to make everyone laugh.

Laugh we did!

Happy Sunday Morning

PS. Dan felt sorry for me and went and bought me the tools to start my jewellery making 😉



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