Decoupage Crazy 2 – Upcycle Recycling


So I may have become obsessed with Decoupage (you have seen my shoes) and I am going to experiment with lots of things now to see what I am able to use this amazing technique on. Now I am not one for throwing useful things away and I do have a bit of a thing for Jars (I will show you our wedding decorations soon). I had this jar on the side for about a month with the thought of doing something useful with it (my original idea was a snow globe but it did not work out, thats something to try again). It was on the late evening/early morning that I was creating magic with my shoes that I knew this jars purpose (at first I was just going to use it to hold the glue).

I set about using all the left over pieces of decoupage papers to decorate this jar. I also used the same tools as before (PVA glue and a brush). It took about 30 minutes, while my shoes were drying, to create this piece.

When I was finished (image 1) I did not like it and was a bit disappointed it needed something else…

Then it hit me…

BUTTONS (Nothing finished anything off like some ribbon and buttons – your getting to see this obsession now), and so my recycling was upcycled to make a lovely candle holder.

Would you display these in your house?



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