Christmas Present Review 3 – Graphics Tablet Wacom


I AM SPOILT 🙂 I was not going to show you anymore today but I just had to share this with you 🙂

I have had so many great presents this year (you know I have been telling you all about them) but this was by far the best just because I have been in hell working with a normal mouse for the last few months (Ollie ate my pen for my old tablet). This is the most beautiful graphics tablet I have ever seen and a must for anyone who edits images in anyway at all.

It is lightweight, lovely to use and easy to install. The pen has a smooth grip, the last one I had was plastic and was difficult to move around in your hand, this one is a more rubber texture and smoother to use.

You have the touch option with this tablet as well which allows you to use your hands as well as the pen a function I have not used as I enjoy the accuracy of the pen, however I will be trying to out on this model.

As a photographer I have always used a graphics pen and find it easier and more accurate than a mouse, however if you have never tried one sometimes it can be tricky (the first time was not worth rating tehe). If you have the chance to try one out I would recommend it to anyone.

As this model was a present I am reluctant to look up the price, the usual price I have seen is between £80 and £100 depending on the model. You can get a larger size should you need one but I have found that the smaller tablets are more accurate (size in this case does not matter).

Overall I love this present and would highly recommend one. They are compatible with any operating system and I have used it on a laptop as well. This will be a great help in my return to photography.



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