Decoupage Crazy 1 – Upcycle Shoes


I have a craft side I have rarely been able to express due to working full time and all the other things life involves; for our wedding myself and my sister-in-law used decoupage to make some display decorations for the venue, we both became addicted to it. We went for a second resource shop and a lady mentioned that you could pretty much decoupage anything with the right surface… that included shoes (shoes are a huge passion of mine and my sister-in-laws) and I decided at that moment I was going to make some decoupage shoes.

Well then life happened and 2 months passed. I was clearing out some of my wardrobe for anything I may get for Christmas (it is the only time of year I have a huge clear out) and the shoes above had never been warn and we set for the charity shop…and then the idea came back to me…it had to be done.

So what did I use you ask?

  • 1 pair of shoes (hard surfaced shoes work the best as the glue wont warp the shape)
  • PVA glue
  • Decoupage papers
  • scalpel (to trim any edges of paper)
  • 2 buttons
  • superglue

The best thing about this craft experiment was that overall it only took about 2 hours from start to finish + overnight drying. I was able to fit it into my late night Christmas preparations.

I get bored of clothes and shoes quite easily and I am always looking for ways to modify items and use them in different ways.

What patterns/colours would you use to decorate your shoes?



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