The World of Opportunity – what I have done this week

So as you know I had a poorly son for about 5 days this week, so the world got a bit crazy and time flew by. However in that time I did leave and finish in full time employment, which was a very surreal feeling. I wasn’t able to say goodbye on my actual leaving day as I was home with my son, but I did pop in to clear my desk and say my farewells.

I did feel emotional for so many reason, but everyone could see that I was excited for the future even if I was sad to not be working with them anymore.

So you may be curious as to what I have done with my first few days of freedom, well I have been preparing for Christmas and spending time with Ollie.

Christmas Decorations

In the early hours of the morning, when we had a interesting evening with the two words Ollie and sleeping not being in the same sentence. I decided to look through my craft box and see what I could make for Christmas. I like to make crafts each year, last year I crocheted everyone a small gift (iphone socks, flowers and scarves). This year I decided to make some tree decorations. I decided to decoupage them as I really enjoyed using this technique for some of the wedding decorations.



These were very simple to make. I bought the hearts from a craft store from the decoupage section. The balls are polystyrene balls they I attached vintage string too. I then used PVA glue and decoupage papers to decorate them. I did them in two stages so I could hang them on the edge of box to dry. I later realised hanging them on the clothes horse was a better option. All 7 decorations took about an hour and a half to make with about an hour drying time.

Christmas Displays

I also spent some time while Dan went shopping to refine our front room decor as it was looking cluttered and not very festive. I created a family display for our first Christmas as The Jutsons’.


Plans for the Future

I have spent some time talking to my friends and family about what I want to do now. The aim of leaving full time employment was to have more time freedom with my son, however I have always had dreams and ideas of things I wanted to do and I am going to explore some of these (I will be posting about these very soon). The sky is the limit.


So it has been a busy week, we also had Ollie’s 12 month review, me and Dan had a date night at the cinema to see the Hobbit and I have been reading my self development books. I am very excited about Christmas and will be spending the next few days doing the finishing touches.

What have you got left to do?



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