PS4 Product Review – from a Playstation widow


Are you one of those lucky ladies who recently became a ‘Playstation Widow’? I am and I thought as this new machine has become part of the family I would spend some time getting to know it’s features and flaws.

The Console

Size and Space Saving – So the PS4 takes up less room on our entertainment stand than the PS3 did which I was very excited about as I am all for utlilising space; however this dream of more space was shattered when I was informed we would be keeping the PS3 alongside as the PS4 was not backwards compatible with the 31 PS3 games that our son loves to arrange on a daily basis. So for size and space saving I am giving the PS4 a 1 (Dans opinion is this is a 9)

The Visual Aesthetic– The PS4 is a lovely looking machine, very sleek and modern. With a touch sensitive on/off switch and long LED indication light it is the perfect focal point for our 11 month old. It is allowing me a lovely amount of bonding time with my son while I prise his fingers from it and inform him this is Daddy’s toy. The materials are very nice although not much different, in my opinion, to the PS3 as it still remains dusty after any amount of effort to make it look clean. The visual aesthetic gets a 2 (Dan informs me again this is a 9)

The Controller – As a gamer on hiatus, I felt it was important to try out the PS4 controller. Now I may be just cynical but I prefer the PS3 controller for its visual aesthetic; the PS3 controller was dainty and easy to hold for a lady with small hands. It didn’t have the strange empty space that holds the touch pad on the PS4 and it didn’t act as a vibrant beacon across the room. I am also informed, that the pS4 controller is in fact a HUGE half an inch longer than the PS3 controller. Undoubtably proving that ‘size does matter’. The controller gets a 3 (Dans opinion is…a 10).

Other features: 

There are so many interesting features that I would love to share with you about this wonderful console. It has an amazing ability to persuade husbands and partners to spend huge amounts of their paycheck (a talent I have not yet mastered). It is also a much more socially connected machine, that now means my husband can chat to his friends through his PS4 and show them all of his gaming moments, instead of having to leave the house and ACTUALLY talk to them; this is now all done virtually, much better I am sure you will agree (hmmmm).

The PS4 has the same amount of USB ports on the front as the PS3, however the benefit of the PS4 is that the disk drive is much less visible, which may prevent our little Sherlock trying to insert random objects (such as toast) into the PS4. This is definitely a great feature (and thats not even sarcasm).

The Finale

The greatest feature I have uncovered is that this new, technology infused and socially connected machine is in fact a time machine (the sales assistant and your husband didn’t mention that did they?). It it is true, my husband has in fact started a gaming session at 10pm of an evening and it throws him forward to 1am within a blink of an eye (and I swear I did not go to bed at 10:30pm, no way).

So if you are thinking of adopting the PS4 into your family, take into consideration the features. If your happy to clean it a thousand times, hide the controller from your curious toddler and travel forward in time faster than Doc and Marty I would absolutely go for it.


Disclaimer: The comments made in this post are intended as humour and in no means meant to offend. I am an avid gamer myself and welcome the PS4 into the family.



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