What to do on a wet and rainy day?


So this week I have been at home with my son as he has been unwell with a virus. We have spent a lot of time curled up in cuddles or wandering the flat trying to keep his mind occupied and off of the pain and discomfort he has been feeling. Now he has the antibiotics he is feeling more perky but he still wants to me play with him and not be on his own.

I was getting bored of reading his three favourite books and watching repeat episodes of Bob the Builder so I had to come up with a plan.

Craft was my plan.

I have not had the chance to try any craft or sensory with Ollie now that he is able to explore, so I thought it a good time to try. I have not yet filled the house with anything for him specifically when it comes to crafts but I do have a selection of my own things that I have collected and I improvised with some kitchen utensils as well.

I rolled out some paper on the floor and a big white sheet. Ollie loved walking on the paper with bare feet, he really liked the sound it made. I also found some sugar paper that I had bought for the wedding (I now have no idea what for but I know there were green sheets in there and I had to have it), I also had a childrens’ paint set (this was for hubby to paint my belly while I was pregnant but we didn’t find the time in the end). I could not find many things to make shapes with so I raided my cooking cupboard and found my little Pampered Chef cutters and used those.

I let Ollie just play with the paint and tools, he was not overly interested in trying to put paint to paper but he very much enjoyed the feeling of paint on his hands and proceeded to hug the bowl of paint. The whole experience lasted about 20 minutes as he got bored, but it took me about the same to clear up (He still has blue paint on his fingers that he refuses to let me remove).

It was really great fun to have that short amount of time with Ollie exploring something new. We got a small picture out of it which I will be scrap-booking with the many pictures and pieces of art I expect we will make in the future.


I absolutely recommend playing with craft with your little ones. Pinterest has some amazing ideas of things to do (I have started to collet toilet rolls now as you just never know what Pinterest ideas pop up).

What arty activities do you find your little ones enjoy?



Let me know your thoughts

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