The Last Hour – from 7pm until 8pm


I heard the myths, I listened to the stories but I never believed this hour existed. If you are reading this as a parent, you know what I am about to talk about. The Last Hour!

From 7pm until 8pm is when we start to put in place the routine to get Ollie to bed seamlessly. We play with him, if we haven’t seen him much that day. One of use will set up his room and run his bath. We get his bottle ready and we start to try and wind him down…you’ll notice the word try.

He enjoys bath time and will take himself off to the bathroom and put his toys in the bath that he wants to play with. He will play and splash and drown the bathroom, along with whoever has been brave enough to take him on (usually daddy).

Then the hardest part starts and our lovely, beautiful, loving, happy baby turns into a demon. We have it planned now but when we first started the bedtime routine it was awful. Ollie would scream until he was tired, we had nappies and clothes on wrong and his bedroom would be a bomb site; we would also be exhausted from his obvious super-human strength and willpower to not go to sleep.

So how do we do it now you ask? A little something like this (be warned this is a two person job):
  1. while bathing set up his bottle and his clothes in his cot
  2. let him look at the lights and pictures on his wall until he is suitably dry
  3. let him have his milk while you apply talc and his nappy and vest
  4. lay him on his all-in-one and sleeping bag (still while letting him drink his bottle)
  5. do up all his clothes and apply blankets
  6. turn on his musical teddy
  7. turn off the light
  8. help him finish his milk
  9. RUN (quietly)

It works, most of the time. So at 7pm our flat looks as above…. at 8:15pm we regain control.


Do you have an hour like this with your little ones?

I hope it isn’t just us…



Let me know your thoughts

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