3 Days and Counting – Apps that kept me sane


As we move closer to ‘D-Day’ I look back at how I have managed full time work and being a mum while still keep some sort of routine and sanity. At this point I want say a huge thank you to the inventors of slow cookers, moon pig and Photobox. You have all helped me keep a handle (however loose) on the things I need to do, i.e. eat and remember family celebrations.

Aside from those things my phone (iPhone 5) has become my saviour. As I could no longer carry such a large amount of things with me (as I had to consider picking up my son after work) I found that I was able to find apps that have replaced some of the large items I used to carry. I now use my phone as my diary instead of a filofax (not a replacement, I adore my filofax) with a huge thanks to Pocketlife it has been a smooth transition.


  • With Pocketlife I am able to create a visual/timeline style calendar using colour coding. This is perfect as I can break my day down into sections by colour (work, Ollie time etc).
  • It gives you day,week,month and year views so that you can choose how your managing your time.
  • You can set reminders for appointments which I have found most useful
  • You can customise your calendar to show whats important to you i.e. public holidays and moon cycles

It is a great app, that gives you just a little bit more than the iphone calendar in my opinion.

The next thing I had to take out of my bag were my notebooks; I like to write lists, inspirations, ideas etc in these however again they were getting heavy. So I started using the iOS7 reminders app.


  • you can create multiple lists to store any idea or action you need to complete
  • you can colour code your lists to enable you to locate your list easily
  • you can prioritise tasks in your lists by three grades of importance
  • you can set a reminder to alert you to complete a task

It is a great app and I store all of my ideas and notes on this now instead of carting around a range of notebooks for different things.

The last item/s I had to remove from my bag were my books. I liked to carry an inspirational book with me (usually The Prophet) just to dip into everyday to keep me upbeat or motivated. This sometimes turned into two or three books depending on my mood. Along with starting to use my phone to store e-books I started to look for an app that would keep me upbeat and inspired. A few months ago my friend solved this for me by introducing me to the app happier. It is a great app that enables people around the world to share happy moments during the day.


  • social app that allows you create a personal profile
  • allows you to share happy moments during the day
  • visually celebrates your happy moments
  • allows you to follow other users
  • sends you notifications to help you focus on the positive things of that day

I hope you find these useful, I know I have. Let me know any apps you find useful or that just make you smile.



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