2 Days and counting – Time to Clear my mind



So it is two days to go until I finish in my full time employment and I have been thinking about the future. I kept thinking about the huge list of things I always have to do, that never get done; things like clearing and storing, filing and sorting (including my thoughts). I am a little scared now that it is only 2 days left and the world is so uncertain at the moment, but it is really exciting to think of all of the things I am going to be able to do. So while thinking these things, Ollie was napping and I thought it would be great to start on that list.

I have been hoarding Ollie’s clothes since he was 6 months old (all the previous stuff I gave away/sold as I couldn’t keep everything). I realised that I may as well keep it for the future just incase. We know we want a bigger family but not just yet, so it would be a shame to waste all his clothes; if we have a girl I have an excuse for a whole new wardrobe for her.

Back on track Louise, sorry!

Yes so I thought I would tackle storing his old clothes. Our friends had suggested the vacuum bags so that we could store more in a small space. So I found them at our local Dunelm store. I had 10 carrier bags of clothes, shoes and accessories under Ollie’s cot and I was running out of room.

As you can see I did not get far into this task before my lovely little boy decided I needed a hand (it took twice as long and I didn’t do it as neatly as I probably would have).

It was great fun though and he loved the noise when he climbed over the bag. It did leave me with a lot more storage space and I had more to add to clothes later. I highly recommend these to anyone looking to save space.

So as I close on the eve of only 1 day until D-Day I ask myself these questions:

  • what can you now de-clutter from your mind and your life?
  • what can you now concentrate your time and thoughts on?
  • what are you going to do with this freedom?

Ask yourself what you would de-clutter from your life and mind and would time freedom allow you to do more?



Let me know your thoughts

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