Proud Mummy


Over the last month I have seen my son progress so much. I’ve always thought he was amazing but this month showed me a relentless amount of determination and strength that is hard to come by in adults sometimes through fear. He has progressed quicker than I imagined and now just 3 weeks before we celebrate his 1st birthday he is walking, babbling, climbing and communicating his emotions. He truly amazes me.

He can fall down, he will get back up. We can say ‘no’ and he is resilient to it and is determined to reach what he wants. His focus is set and he will play and experiment with one thing for ages until he is satisfied he understands it.

I only wish while I write this as he sleeps this evening, that I can take even just a part of this strength and determination to move us forward as a family into a future of abundance and adventure.



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