Unique Wedding Gift Idea – Sushi School


Have you ever been stuck for a wedding present? Are you sick of buying people photo frames? (My mum got 12 when she got married). Well my new sister-in-law bought myself and hubby an awesome present. She paid for us to go to Sushi School at Yo Sushi in Plymouth.

This is a great present, we were treated to a glass of champagne (Dan had both) and 3 hours of great food and were taught so much. We were talked through fish preparation and the delicate task of skinning and cutting up a salmon; like with cuts of meat different parts of the fish are used for different dishes, it is an art.

We watched the head chef/manager create and explain 7 dishes (which we ate all and took extra home) and we created a maki dish under supervision, ourselves (mine were the best tee hee). We took lots of notes, he gave us advice on the best ways to use the tools and do’s and don’ts. I don’t want to give the experience away but the most valuable piece of advice we were given was to wash your rice (until the water runs clear) before you cook it this is why preparing any rice is a very hard task.

It was a fantastic experience and very thoughtful as Dan has the dream of travelling to Japan. If you fancy buying this for a friend/couple I would highly recommend it.


 I always enjoy something unique.

Better get myself some lunch now as telling you about this has made me hungry.



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