6 days and Counting..down

Endless Possibilities

So it’s just under a week now until I finish full time employment and become a full time mum. I haven’t spoken much about my plans yet, because I am designing them 🙂

I have had my eyes open to what is possible when you have freedom of time, spend time with your family, self development and new ventures of all kinds. Although this week has already seen a few emotional early farewells from my job it has brought messages of good luck and happiness for what my future will hold.

I have many strings to my bow including 6 years photography experience prior to becoming pregnant as well as being a qualified and experienced administrator. I have worked in retail, I have worked in libraries and in casual restaurant roles. It’s a fair amount of skills that don’t always seem to fit together; I enjoy using all of my skills and knowledge and am designing ways to use them all to satisfy each part of me.

So what to do with it all….

The possibilities are endless, what would you do?



Let me know your thoughts

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