Bought Vs Homemade 1 – Christmas Cards

Homemade Cards

This year is our first Christmas as The Jutsons and it is Ollie’s first Christmas (he was due on boxing day 2012 and we convinced he would see Christmas 2012 however he decided to wait). I usually buy my Christmas cards in the previous year sale for £1 but I knew that this year I would want to have cards with a family photo on it.

We took the photo using self timer which was a lot of fun; as you can see Ollie was not overly interested in posing on this occasion. We wanted something fun and happy and we loved this picture.

My first idea was to go to my two favourite online print shops and look at the prices. I spent about an hour making the vital decisions of design and layout, type and colour and of course print size and finish. I was very excited until I got to the check out and saw it was £15 for 10 cards…now I am all for nice things but this seemed expensive to me. I would need at least 30 cards thats £45 on Christmas cards (when I was used to spending £3).

There was only one thing for it, I was going to make them.

What did I need:

30 printed photos of chosen size

30 cards and envelopes

Double sided tape

Christmas Ribbon



Silver Pen

About 2 hours spare time

I really enjoyed making them and the cost of making 30 cards was under £10 🙂 For personalised special cards I was very happy with that.

What parts of Christmas do you like to personalise?



Let me know your thoughts

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