Christmas Gift Idea Perfect for Mummys


All mums LOVE their little bundles of joy and happiness, but we all feel the same…they grow too quickly. I loved Ollie’s little hands and feet and being able to hold him in one arm; his tiny socks and his tiny clothes were a joy to see hanging around the house to dry.

Now Ollie is 11 months old and although I love him walking and chatting away I do miss those tiny fingers.

Lucky for me, my partner bought me a necklace with Ollie’s fingerprint in and his name engraved. This is a very popular gift now, but honestly is the best gift I could have received.

You can order them online however I have always loved buying things in person. There are a large number of suppliers, however I have a huge love for local independent businesses.

Local to me is the lovely Clay gift store (Clay Art where you can create gifts of all kinds including the sliver pendents.

In my eyes the perfect gift for anyone with a new/small baby.

Happy Shopping



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