Respect for Craft 1 – Button Creations

Button Craft

Do you ever see something handmade and think ‘I could make that myself’ or ‘that wouldn’t cost me that much to make’. Well I was one of those people as well and when a friend brought in some handmade Christmas decorations made out of buttons (yes I did have a cold sweat) I thought to myself those very things. Well today I am saying to all of you who think that (unless your an awesome craft person anyway) RESPECT THE CRAFT.

I spent an hour, about 50 buttons and over 100 pins trying to create what I had bought, for myself; the image on the left was the one I purchased (from Button It My fingers were hurting, my patience was waring and my eyes were crossing.

Honestly this is not easy to make. It isn’t particularly hard either, but it is fiddly and you can not just stick buttons on anywhere you like (as I thought). You need to make sure you have the right size buttons and the right colour/tone of button in the right place. What I thought would be easy (hence buying 12 polystyrene balls) was not and now I have a HUGE new found respect for anyone who makes handmade crafts.

The moral of the story is handmade is worth paying for.

Button Love 🙂



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