A title; for a reason, a love and a passion!


You may have been wondering how I chose my blog name, I thought this evening I would share that with you.

Good evening, my name is Louise and I have a button fetish’ phew…. there I said it.

So now you all know the truth, I can share exactly why my blog is name Buttonflies.

I knew the name had to have buttons in there somewhere, I have a serious button fetish and I love buttons in all shapes and sizes. I have jars of them that I love to sit and look at, or if I am feeling a bit down (because there are not enough buttons in the world) I like to sift through them like sand and let them slip through my fingers; I have even been known to spend an hour laying each of them out on the floor and just looking at them.

For my wedding I KNEW that I had to have a button bouquet. My lovely husband (to be at the time) bought me a handmade button necklace and earring set for Christmas and saw one of these bouquets in the shop (www.funkypoppy.com) and she put me us in touch with the lady who made my STUNNING bouquet Lesa from http://www.iheartbuttons.co.uk/.

As you can see from the picture above it is a master piece that I get to keep forever….

I deviate… the name; I also wanted butterfly to be in the name as I knew I was going to go through a big life change and what could be more beautiful than the thought of a butterfly in flight onto a new adventure. So I brainstormed using those words and others and with a friends help came up with Button-Flies.

So there you go, a mix of my new adventure and my LOVE for buttons.



Let me know your thoughts

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