What does a mum look like?


I consider myself fairly eccentric and when I became a mum I didn’t see that I would change this in anyway.

However, on a few occasions now I have had comments not to far from ‘you don’t look like a mum’. Now that could mean I look young, that’s fair enough but it makes me think about what people think mums ‘should’ look like or wear.

Is eccentricity acceptable?

I think a strong sense of individual style is a good example to set for your little ones. I’m happy for my son to start choosing his clothes/outfits (although I may draw a line at flippers to school).






One thought on “What does a mum look like?

  1. I take my hat off to anyone who is bold enough to wear exactly what they like and not give a damn about what anyone thinks, sadly i’m not one of them haha. I think you look wonderful and as long as your not pushing your baby around in next to nothing what does it matter what you look like as long as your you and your happy x

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